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Knitting Pattern Writing

Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer but I never imagined that I would be writing knitting patterns! 😄🧶 It's definitely not what I had in mind but I have found that I really enjoy the process even though it requires math and uses a different type of creativity than writing prose or poetry. (Although I do like to get a little creative in my pattern descriptions. Sometimes I feel like the fictional Elaine Benes writing for Peterman's catalog.)

My purpose in creating knitting patterns is so that others can feel empowered to create beautiful, functional, hand-knit pieces. Some of my patterns are great launching points for your own creativity to blossom, in fact, a recent review of the Textured Scarf states, "This is a creative pattern. I began with its precise instructions and then began to vary some of my own ideas. This began a gorgeous and will end with a lovely finish. Wonderful & easy to follow or add & make additional designs. Terrific inspiration!" - cfinklein on Etsy

I love this so much! This is exactly what I hope to inspire in you as you learn each pattern, discover new stitches and skills, and find out what you can create with just a little guidance from me. Maybe you'll start incorporating the new stitches you learn into other items you make. Maybe you'll start to wonder, "What if I did this? or that?" And then discover new and exciting possibilities in your craft. That is my hope and joy! Happy knitting, friends!


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