Bev’s Famous Rice Bags now in pocket size! Perfect for warming up and keeping in your jacket pockets on cold days or rooms. Kids love them “iced” for little bumps and bruises or to soothe mosquito bites. Try keeping them in the freezer and placing them on your eyes for a spa day at home. 
These little ones come in a set of 3 to use in all sorts of ways. A great gift idea! 

Approx 4 inches by 4 inches. Picture included for size reference on small adult hand. 

My lovely friend Beverly has been making these great Rice Bags to soothe the arthritis in her knees. She has also made them
for friends and family but current circumstances have launched her into making them for others as well! I’m so pleased she has allowed me to introduce you all to her and her work. 
Beverly encases rice in a muslin sleeve and then sews an outer sleeve from various cotton fabrics.  They can be heated in the microwave for a minute and will provide heat for sore muscles, backs, shoulders, knees or anywhere you need some comforting warmth. As always please test the heat level before applying.
You could also keep it in the freezer and use it to “ice” sore spots, cool your neck or soothe minor burns. Kids love using them as well for little “boo-boos”. 
An instructional card will come with each order.

Navy Pocket Rice Bags - Hand Warmers, “BooBoo” Packs, Set of 3


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