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Ester Puente

Hi, I'm the owner of Industrial Whimsy and maker of all the things! I love challenging myself to make new gifts and learn new skills. I have a love for simple design and functional beauty. I am a self-taught knitter, curator of found objects and constant crafter. As a mother of four, I have a constant source of inspiration. 

If you have any questions about patterns or items you can send me an email.

Thank you so much for supporting Industrial Whimsy, it means a lot to our family.  

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Sam Puente

Hi, I'm the business manager of Industrial Whimsy. I design the website, ship orders, take care of the boring accounting stuff, and I am the Executive Snack Acquisition Specialist.  Industrial Whimsy gives me a design outlet and challenges me to be creative in showcasing Ester's work. If you find a glitch in the site or have a question about anything at all send me an email. I know a lot about a lot.


But seriously, thank you for checking out Industrial Whimsy. Help us spread the word! 

Go Dynamo!!

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