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Breakfast is Served

Breakfast has a lot of nostalgia associated with it. There are things that we ate for breakfast as a kid and then never really ate it again, like poptarts, bowls of cereal, or brightly colored donuts.

There are things that only mom knew how to cook just right and will always be a favorite, like pancakes, sunny side up eggs, or fresh waffles topped with homemade whipped cream.

There are some things that have never changed like pastries from the local bakery or in my case, pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) from the local panaderia. These fill our tables from childhood through adulthood and create a comforting sense of stability and familiarity.

Childhood breakfasts recall moments spent with siblings and parents. Maybe you remember when you were the Mom making pancakes for your kids who were still living at home. Breakfast around the table during holidays and sharing coffee and pastries with visiting family is always a good memory.

I think Ana has done an amazing job recreating these memories with her collection of breakfast treats. Each one is detailed to the last sprinkle of cinnamon and dusting of sugar. I know you will love having these magnets in your home and they will bring a smile and a sweet memory with them.

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