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Creativity and Inspiration are Key at Industrial Whimsy

Hi! I'm Ester Puente, the knitter and designer behind Industrial Whimsy. I have been knitting since 2005 when my aunt purchased a Learn-to-Knit kit from Target. I was 39 weeks pregnant with my first child and I was swollen and miserable. She saw the opportunity for me to focus my energy on learning a new skill instead of how big my stomach was getting, and it has been the best adventure! Fast forward 18 years and 1000s of yards of yarn - I am now the mother of four amazing children and they fill my days with constant inspiration and the opportunity to see the world around me with fresh eyes. I still love wrapping them up in my hand-knit items.

I love to talk about creativity, and hope to inspire you to find beauty in everyday moments. Inspiration is all around us if we stop long enough to see it. The time to be creative is right there if we can stop our furious pace and be present enough to recognize it. We also have to be brave enough to grasp it. It takes a determined spirit to go against the hustle and frenzy of culture and decide to sit quietly with wool and needles instead. When we are intentional about our craft we get to sit with our thoughts and let the voices of others fade away. The creative process is healing and restorative. I hope to share the patterns and processes that center me and the places and people that inspire me.

Woman wearing a hand knit shawl and smiling in front of a wall of yarn
Ester wrapped in the Diamond Path Shawl

One of my favorite patterns, the Diamond Path Shawl, is like wearing a hug. It always makes me happy!

Sharing my love of knitting

I have a YouTube with several tutorials to help you grow in your knitting skills. I also love to give little tips on how to "read" your stitches. Choosing yarn for a specific project can feel daunting so I also give some suggestions as to which color and fiber content would work best. I would love for you to join me over there as we learn together.

A Creative Revolution

We have a chance to decide how we are going to spend our days. We can let the world fill our minds and hearts with their messages or we can fill ourselves with dreams and imagination and productive creativity. When we work a few rows on our projects instead of scrolling on our phones, we can turn a time of waiting into a joyful and life-giving spark.

Join me in infusing wonder into as many moments as we can each day. Subscribe to the email newsletter and blog, and follow on YouTube. Leave a comment if you'd like to share how being creative makes you feel.

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