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Spring Lace Scarf

The Spring Lace Scarf is my latest knitting pattern. I wanted to make something light and cheery to celebrate the joy of the season. I had a few mini-skeins of yarn in mint, coral, and a variegated green that reminded me of garden flowers. I paired them with a dark tonal green that is so beautiful and deep. It reminds me of foliage growing in a deep forest.

Next, I picked an easy and enjoyable lace pattern called Fern Lace that is nice with the eyelets that travel upward next to the fern motif. It is beginner-friendly lace and only four rows of repeating. The stripes transition between the colors and gain a bit of wave due to the lace pattern. It was such a fun surprise!

Spring, for me in Texas, is bittersweet. I look forward to warmer days and seeing flowers bloom but Spring is usually very short for us as Summer is always anxious to arrive and heat things up. This year I thought it would be good to celebrate Spring while it lasts and welcome the colors and lightness it brings. Days are getting longer with cool mornings and evenings and Easter is just around the corner. I'll be able to wear my lace scarf and feel bright and cheerful. 🌷

woman in lace scarf

I hope that you will consider casting on this lightweight scarf in your favorite spring colors. Enjoy garter stitch striping and lovely fern lace repeats topped off with tiny pompoms or tassels. Grab a few mini-skeins and a contrasting background color to make them pop. You will be able to whip up this beginner-friendly scarf in no time! Check out my YouTube channel for a stitch tutorial on the increases and decreases you will use.

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