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No Expiration

We all go through times of lost inspiration when the creative well seems to be dry. Maybe we can't think of new ideas, or find the energy to make our old favorites. Maybe everything has lost its sparkle, or motivation is far away and you don't know how to get it back.

The good news, in times like these, is that creativity does not expire. All the creativity that you have built up to this point won't spoil or disappear. We don't have to be afraid that if we can't think of something new right now that we will NEVER be able to think of something new again.

The fact is, as creatives, sometimes we need to step away and let our minds rest. This could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks or months! That sounds scary, but a lot of times we can turn to something else that is creative but not in the area that has up stumped. I'm a knitter and when I need a creative break, I might turn to jewelry making or embroidery for a while. Soon enough, I'll find myself inspired by a color combo or stitch that I just have to see it in knitting form!

All the 17 years of knitting creativity that I've built up are right there waiting for me when im ready to jump back in. New ideas build on old ones and pretty soon my knitting needles are clicking with excitement again.

If you're in a season of dryness, I encourage you to rest, maybe watch a favorite movie, take a full day to read a book cover to cover, or explore a part of your city. You might even need to turn to a different craft or hobby for a while, but be assured that your favorite one will be waiting for you. Soon, you'll be shining with renewed creativity once again!

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