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The Finish Line

Recently I graduated from seminary with a master's degree in theology. The last couple of years have been full of lots of reading, writing, and stretching myself to think beyond what I thought I knew.

I've also completed work on a pattern that's been a year in the making. - the Texas Yarn Trail mystery pattern. Loads of sketches, knitting, pulling out all the stitches, figuring out the math, and typing up the pattern several times to get it just right.

These finish lines feel so amazing to cross and come with a great feeling of accomplishment and joy. They also come with a feeling of uncertainty about what comes next.

When you're in the middle of a race you know the path you have to take. Stay on course and keep your eyes on finish line. No one tells you what to do after you cross it.

Have you ever felt post project depression? That feeling that comes when the big goal is reached and now there's nothing left to look forward to? How do you overcome that feeling?

For me, I turned to something completely different and started a mini watercolor journal. I love to watercolor but I can't draw very well and usually end up putting paint in the wrong spots. However, I decided not to let that stop me and simply have fun for the sake of it. I love to be bad at something because it teaches me humility, creates new pathways in my brain and stretches me beyond what I am familiar with.

I also began to knit with my favorite yarns without writing down what I was doing and simply letting my hands create for the sheer pleasure of it. Picking yarn and colors that I loved and seeing where they take me. It's been such a joy!

I hope that after your next big project or goal is accomplished you will get the chance to do something just for yourself and stretch your creative muscles with me.

Here are some of my recent watercolors and knitting projects.

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